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Albany_Irvin Dooney & Burke Handbags

Albany - I love love love Dooney & Burke bags, but I only buy PINK bags.  The last bag I got was the zip zip back in Hot Pink Croco Leather and I have been carrying it ever since I got it.  I love it so much, I even tried to buy a second one as back-up.  There has not been much PINK bags from Dooney this year, so I am still waiting.  I hear that PINK is the color for next year, so am waiting.  I'm a PINK girl and my shoes and handbags are PINK!

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Re: Albany_Irvin Dooney & Burke Handbags

I love Dooney! I have 20 or more between bags, wristlets, or wallets. I love the letter carrier crossbody I have 2 one in bright blue pebbled leather and one in saffiano leather in amber. And it is a smaller bag but it holds everything I need plus my husbands wallet and my sons action figures. I carry very few items but I love being hands free. I also love the large slim wristlet! I have 2 that I use for myself on a M-F day for day needs. One of my large slim wristlets is saffiano because in Florida it rains alot. So to have a bag that can get drencched and still be leather and protected is awesome! I love the saffiano in amber is beautiful because it goes with everything. I love being a minimalist I am a huge tomboy even at 30 years old but I still like nice things! My purse changes by my mood not season or clothing, but in Florida brighht colors go year around.

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Re: Albany_Irvin Dooney & Burke Handbags

Welcome to both of you new posters. I love Dooney, too. You both sound very passionate about your handbags. Enjoy them!

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