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The first and only time I ordered AS IS was a GILI Milano bag. Sadly it arrived with the stitching for the zipper torn out about 2 inches. It went back. Glad to hear others have had better success, I have not been brave enough to try again!

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I have the B.Mak Kylie that I got as-is. Very happy with it.
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I have purchased a few as is handbags but have not had luck. I just returned a dooney zip zip because it smelled really bad like a mixture of smoke with burnt vinyl. I tried to air bit out but it was just really bad. Of the items I have ordered I have never received them in like new condition
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Re: AS-IS Handbags

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I purchased a Gili Roma 2 in blush which I have wanted for a while. Every thing was intact and it came with the tassell and dust cover. It smells brand new and the plastic covering was still on the inside zipper. It looked like it had not been used at all except for maybe some on the handle so for the price I think I am okay with it.

It seems to be hit and miss on the as is.

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I have had GREAT results, except 2 in a row that looked great but smelled like smoke, and one missing a long strap, otherwise, I got incredible bargains and rarely pay full price.
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I broke down and took a chance and ordered my first as is and it while it was partly unwrapped ( I'm ok with that) it was unused. I'm very happy with my bag and the 30% savings. A win win for me. 

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I purchased my FIRST AS IS Bag from QVC about 5 months ago.

I got the GILI MILANO in croco.



I saved over 90.00 and it was a great decision.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.Smiley Happy

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Last week I received a "as is" Dooney.  It came in a medicum size box.  The purse was wrapped in clear practice with a label "as is".  The Dooney did not have any tissue paper in it.  I just could not believe that tissue paper was not in it.  It looked like a bag from a thrift store.  Was just laying there limp.  I sent the bag back because:


1.  No dust bag

2.  Scratch on bag

3.  No warranty

4.  Paid total $149.00 - reg. QVC price $228

5.  Bag had been folded in half and who knows how many pounds were on it for how long as the crease/limp look would not go away.  I'm not paying $149 for a purse in that condition.  So, I sent it back.  This bag was $228 w/6 easy pays Saturday.  $228 plus S&H plus tax.  Great.   I got same bag for $125.00 at Macey's.  Macey's were $198.00, plus I had a 25% coupon offered to everyone and I opened up a Macey's charge and got another 20% off.  Now I have a brand new Dooney w/dust bag and warrant.  Actually save $118 dollars if I would have bought same on QVC for $228. 


Bouth a D&C coat "as is" and the zipper was broke.  Would not zip at all.


I purchase 90% of my clothing from QVC but I will never order an "as is" item again.

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There is hope I guess. My first two tries at AS IS was a Milano hobo. Got one with a zipper defect and the other smelled of chemicals that never dissipated. Both were returned. Based on what I have seen here, I should try again! Glad to hear that sometimes a bargain can be had!

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I think they should tell us what the specific issue is that makes them classify the item "as is".  They know, so why not disclose it to save the customer the trouble of returning.