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good yarden day--house

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Smiley Frustrated not so much . From the book -- You cannot win . I stepped out of my house yesterday thinking everything is done and it looks nice. Started yard and garden ressurection after a l-o-n-g winter. There was sun, birds, buds... also many trips in and out to find the new and old seed packets , my favorite hose nozzle, weed whacker, ...  It was so enjoyable to be outside ! Then I came in and looked at the house and wondered 'who wrecked this' . Oh well, such is life and it is spring.

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I have a friend that complains that her yard never gets its proper care...but on her days off she spends it inside cleaning...I told her the house can wait another week...I'd rather get the outside in order in the will eventually be a cool, rainy day and then she can get her inside work done.


Last week I spent the day at her house, we got her flower beds cleaned off, and did some pitching and cleaning out of other yard things that have seen their better days.  Things looked pretty good when I left, she just needed a little help to get motivated. 


@okaywitheasypay  enjoy your yard.

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@Mom2Dogs  you are a good friend !


I find the outside stays clean longer than the inside at our dwelling. I drag the outside in and DH can just go out to get the mail and bring the yard in on his size 13s . Oh well it is all good Smiley Happy But being a QVC customer I have plenty of vaccums.

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@Mom2Dogs , I'm with you.  Especially in Spring.  Get out and enjoy the fresh air.  The housework will always be there!  S