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Re: Your favorite street trees?

Yes, the Bradford pear, they don't product fruit.


The magnolia can be messy but not the others

Those Bradfords are everywhere


@Sooner wrote:

@software wrote:



flowering pear

crepe myrtle




@software  Beautiful trees but messy! If you mean Bradford Pears they are pretty but they don't live long and split badly in storms out here in Oklahoma.


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Re: Your favorite street trees?

Here in Florida on the Space Coast:

Florida Live Oak

Palm Trees/Robelini/Bismark/Pindo/Windmill

Southern Magnolia

Pony Tail Palm Palm (actually a cactus)

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Re: Your favorite street trees?

As a general rule, I'm opposed to street trees. With paved roads, sidewalks, driveways, etc. there's not a lot of space for healthy root development. In colder areas you have road salt also involved. It's just not a good place to plant a tree. Can they survive? Yes. But plant two identical trees, one in a more open space, and one against a street, and you'll see a massive difference in their growth, health, and longevity. Trees have big root systems and need big root systems. Anything that interferes with their root development handicaps the tree. No moisture gets under the pavement, driveways, or sidewalks creating dead zones. A tree planted street-side will survive in much the way a bonsai tree will survive in a very small pot, but it will never reach its full potential planted in such a location.


If you absolutely have to have a tree or trees, then go for it, but there are lots of alternatives in annuals, perennials, shrubs that can reach their potential in street side plantings.

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