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What's your favorite fertilizer?/gardening regrets and failures

About the only "chemical" (because they're all chemicals, really) fertilizer I use is Miracid on my acid-loving plants.

I used to be a disciple of a local gardener with this own radio show,Cisco Morris, and he was an alfalfa meal enthusiast. We used it and it's ok--sure can't harm your plants--but for some reason switched to chicken manure and that stuff really works.

I TRIED to eradicate hydrangeas but they're coming back and rather than struggle to get rid of them permanently, I'm letting them come back. I know that the acidity/alkalinity of the soild has to do with the color so I'm going to experiment with that, too.

And by means of gardening, I found out who was a true friend.


Her house sat on about an acre and adjoining her property was an area she rented out to friends for their horses (you know what's coming, don't you?) (Smiley LOL)? After the horse's owner took his steed home, my friend got down on our hands and knees and were out there on that horse-manure covered plot and helped me extricate horse apples all afternoon. Of course I had to let compost it but it was excellent fertilizer.

I also learned, the hard way, not to buy cheap compost. I bought a truckful of it and for years I was pulling up weeds and all kinds of things I didn't want. 

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Re: What's your favorite fertilizer?/gardening regrets and failures

I love   Spray & Grow  I buy at HSN  

Not sure if it's considered a "fertilizer"

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Re: What's your favorite fertilizer?/gardening regrets and failures

I heard horse manure was weedier than cow manure.  


I guess the only gardening failure for me is trying to grow things in the wrong environment for that plant.  I don't have any regrets though.  That's not to say I'm highly successful.  I have terrible dirt.  Some things work and some don't.  My neighbor across the street seems to have better luck with her annuals, so I try to take any advice she gives.


I just use Miracle Gro and Roberta's foliar feeder and micronutrients.  I was wondering how the Spray n Grow compared.