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I caved and ordered these. I have never had much luck with the flower I bought from either of the vendors on QVC. I have not had problems getting replacements but very few have performed. My day lilies from last year never grew much and no flowers they where still alive in the fall so maybe I will get a surprise next spring. My butterfly blushes and clematis only one lived. I must have a black thumb. Has anyone had luck with the flowers?

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I liked the plants, but did not order. I would prefer to buy local when I am ready but I hope the grow well and thrive for you!!

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I see ice plant every spring at Lowe's and they are not $55. That's a lot of money for those plants. I haven't had much luck growing them.
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These plants were grown from seed on the Alcatraz island outside of San Francisco by the inmates. They are still there along one of the hillsides and the hillside turns pink when in bloom.

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In California I had these for years. The spider webs glisten from the morning dew.

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Ordinarily I don't buy plants from QVC -- but, last year, I ordered Roberta's ice plants. First time I'd ever ordered from Roberta's. Only 2 of the ice plants lived thru the summer and both of them were puny and never bloomed. I'll be surprised if they come back this spring.

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I've been thinking about ordering these. I have had the purple with yellow center for many, many years and I looove them. I've rooted and given to more people than I can remember. I've never seen all these colors before though and for 18 plugs/9 colors that's not unreasonable. I've never bought from either Robertas or CF; wish they had it broken up into smaller pkgs so you could buy without investing so much.