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Started to plant seeds indoors need some advise.

Well I developed cabin fever this winter so I decided to garden indoors and get a head start on my garden. I have APS starter kits all filled and lined up under my grow light. I just planted these trays yesterday and I put the domes on all the trays and today I noticed a lot of moisture on the domes. Now, should I take these domes off at anytime to evaporate some moisture? I don't want to have and mildew or fungus which will kill my seeds. Or is that just the way the system works. I was told by the Garden Supply company to leave the grow light on 24 hours until a sprout then leave it on 16 hours a day. I was also told by them to lower the light to the tray almost touching when I start then raise it accordingly to height of plant.

This is the first time I'm using my basement as a greenhouse, I usually started my seeds in March on my bay window which was very successful in the past. But this is the first time I'm doing this kind of system and have 200 seedlings that I don't want to lose. Please give me some advise and coach me on this. Thanks!