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Bought several bulbs probably 15+ years ago, living in Mississippi, moved to Ohio taking my bulbs packed in peat moss kissing them before storing them in garage for winter. Well, we have been here for 5 years and I probably have 200 lily plants in bloom. I did divide them last fall and put up security fence to keep deer away, but, let me tell you, I am totally impressed with the stargazer lily, and, so are my neighbors.


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Would love to see a photo of your beautiful blooming lilies.

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@vll I adore Stargazer lillies!  Another beauty is Casa Blanca which are even larger than Stargazers and just as fragrant but they are all white.  They make wonderful cut flowers if you can bear to cut them!

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Stargrazer lilies are so wonderfully fragrant! I bet your garden is beautiful!

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Stargazers lilies are beautiful and their sweet scent is a bonus.   I have only 6 - 8 plants but they really brighten my small-ish shade garden.  I have to stake them because they lean toward the sun and the heads get so heavy when fully in bloom.  

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@vll--you really need to post pics !!! I have only....36 or so planted in pots on my back deck; however---due to construction they are at my house and I am living in a rental for a few months. I don't see them very much but they are ready to bloom. they are way too tall and heavy to move to where I am. but they are my most fave flowers------the smell is heavenly!!! Have a yellow one called big brother that the flowers are as big as my head!!!!  I miss them !!!