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@mousiegirl  Yes, its amazing how big the bushes become.  I've had some, planted in the ground, that got quite large.

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  • I'm in Central Florida and roses are difficult to grow here.   The ones i love and seem to do best are...Neptune a lavender rose with a glorious scent, Sugar moon, white, a sweet strong fragrance,  Mr.Lincoln, hardy deep red, fragrant... Tropicana, a coral scented rose.   Coral Dawn is my only climber, another very fragrant rose with an old fashioned tearose bloom.   Sunsprite a very hardy beautiful yellow rose with a strong amazing scent.  I've had many others, all very fragrant.  I only choose roses with a wonderful fragrance.   I think roses are the most beautiful flowers ever, but imo need alot of care.   Not so much when I lived up north....but here in steamy Florida they too😓
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Re: Roses anyone ?

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I grew up and spent most of my young adult life in the Mid-Atlantic and never had much luck with roses because there were so many diseases to deal with and I'm more of a 'survival of the fittest'-type gardener. I give you good soil, water regularly and fertilize if/when needed. I don't want to have to do extra spraying or treating. After we had our retirement home built in New Mexico and started living here full-time in 2013, I decided to give roses a try again when I saw Gingersnap rose trees at the local Home Depot. The hardest thing about keeping them looking nice is keeping them straight in the winds we get ... but I love them. Last year I added Miranda Lambert rose bushes. This year I added Chicago Peace bushes and Lady Banks climbers.The Gingersnaps are already blooming their hearts out and the Chicago Peace have buds on them. I'd like to add a rose with a pink/orange bi-color bloom. I've seen pictures of them, but I haven't had any luck finding names for them ... so I'm still looking for those.


As long as you have a nice sunny spot, I don't think you'd have any problems growing miniature roses in pots. Give it a try.

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@Kachina624 wrote:

Peace - Easy keeper that requires little fussing.  Prolific bloomer with creamy pale yellow blooms with a raspberry blush in center of the bloom.  Highly fragrant.  Disease and insect resistant.  I prune it in the spring, throw a handful of Bayer Fertilizer on it every 6 weeks in summer and water...that's it.  My bush is about 30 years old, over 6ft high.



How much sunlight does your rose bush require please?

We are in zone 6.  Partial sun.

Thanks!Smiley Happy

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@ECBG   All my roses have always gotten full sun, even here in the desert at 6,000 ft altitude.  (sun is more intense)  They love our sandy, well drained soil but are water hogs.  They need sun to bloom.

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I had to google the Peace rose, and now I want one.  So beautiful.

Looks like a combination of my two favorite colors in the garden -

pink and yellow.

A yellow rose will always be my favorite rose, but I love sitting on the

porch looking at my pink knockouts.  So pretty, and I do nothing to them

but water.


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I had always loved roses and so did my mom.  When my mom passed away, my step-father ordered a spray to put over the casket, roses placed in the casket,  arrangements in stands with roses, etc.  Now, every time I smell roses all I can think of is that very sad time in my life - so, no roses anymore for me.

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A Queen Elizabeth handed down through three generations, and a New Dawn that engulfed the length of the deck roof on the back of our former home.  It flourished the entire length and looked just like the one on the cover of one of Martha Stewart's Living magazine years ago.


I miss that rose!  

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@Wahoogaz @Dazlin  Yes. When i was younger and able to even though it was a lot of work I enjoyed growing roses. I am also in a southern atlantic state, a lot of heat and high humidity. Which meant tons of black spot and  tons of bugs. I know the knock out roses are more resistant to black spot and some time ago i had some, but they never won me over like the older varieties. I am unable to garden now but wondered if i could grow a small one in a  on my porch. I have had things that burned on my porch even though it gets morning sun and is a covered porch. I have had my doubts if the David Austin roses would survive . Anyway i have enjoyed veryones responses.