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Has anyone received these? What size are the bulbs and the number of new growth coming up?

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Idk ... But they look beautiful!
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I bought mine four years ago. I planted them in a 12-inch pot, and they've come beck every year (last year a colony of fire ants moved into the pot -- I was almost bitten by the little monsters when I was pulling out the weeds in the pot that spring).


As I recall the bulbs were about 2-1/2 inches around. Most of mine turned out to be yellow (the mix was supposed to be yellow, red, and pink); some leaves are solid green and some are spotted with a light silver.


They've multipled and filled  the pot last year. The pot has also succumbed to several years in the Florida sun, so I'm dividing them into two pots this year -- hopefully this week. I wanted to do it today, but it's a washout (which is okay, because we need the rain).