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Re: Refresh Those Birdbaths!

I've always wanted a bird bath, but won't get one because we have an English Springer spaniel, which is a bird dog. He wouldn't hurt them, but he would flush them. The poor birds would never get a bath. But the local birds use our pool as their bath. It's been so hot this week, they don't even care if we're in the pool! My friend and I were floating around on tubes the other day and these two little birds landed on the rim of the pool, splashed themselves off, hung out for a couple minutes and flew off. It was really cool.

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Re: Refresh Those Birdbaths!

@NancyE @hayseed0 ...

There are two road runners that come in our yard and stand in the spillway where the spa spills into the pool.They cool off their feet, then get a drink. They come to my kitchen window for treats sometimes too.🥰

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Re: Refresh Those Birdbaths!

@AzcowgirlThat is very cool to hear about your feathered visitors !!!

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Re: Refresh Those Birdbaths!

This is one of the first things I do, replenish the water by overflowing it to remove debris & replenishing the peanut pieces tube feeder. The birds are now bringing their ‘babies’ to our yard now. They are as large as their parents just with different feathers. 


Juvenile blackbirds, blue jays & starling are visiting.

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