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Every year I hear this, is it poin sett e a or poin set a ?  (Sounds like).  Now I have to go look it up to know for sure. LOL

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I never pay much attention to how I say it....I think I say it both ways!!!!  Depending on my mood, I guess!!!!Smiley Very Happy


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It says, it's the first way, 4 syllables, ends sounding of ahh, not long A.

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And the great debate continues.😁 The first one I believe is correct, but feel free to pronounce it whichever way you like.😊



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My dad, for a joke, used to say po in set a..........Miss him terribly.

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I was taught in school it is poin-sett-e-ah.  Third syllable is a long e. Cambridge dictionary pronounces it the same way in U.S and UK.  

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I grew up hearing it pronounced point set ah. I got a beautiful little pink one this season and it's holding up great, must be some kind of hybrid.

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Somehow I forgot to get one this year and my SIL gifted mean Amaryllis..


I miss not having one for the Holidays

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I pronounce it using four syllables, but I also hear some people use three syllables. I think either is acceptable.


I love the way they look, but I have never been successful with keeping them alive. Does anyone have any hints for how to care for them?


A friend sent me a Zygo Cactus (also known as Christmas Cactus) five years ago, and I have had success with that one. It is still alive and growing nicely.

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I recieved one (years and years ago) pink.  It lasted on my mantle indoors for about 5 years.  Kept blooming and blooming and blooming those beautiful pinkish-red leaves.


Couldn't believe it.


Guess I was just lucky.  Heart


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