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So glad Philip Watson is back!!!!! Missed him last season.

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yes Philip is very enjoyable Broccoliso glad to see him again!

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It was not the same without phillip.  He made winter  bearable.

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I missed seeing Phillip yesteday but just ordered his sunpatiens.  Hoping to get some color on my patio that will survive the brutal summer heat in Dallas.  Happy to support Phillip's new venture!  Heart

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Glad to see Philip Watson back on QVC.

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Thank you for posting as I didn't know he was back.  Now that I know I will tune in to see him.  Always enjoyed him on air and he wasn't bad to look at either!  Just sayin.

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I enjoy listening to Phillip Watson. He's fun and informative. Yay! Welcome back
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@zanna I was thinking about ordering them again but it looks like they come in a small six pack.  Will check again but if they're small will not order.  Last year I bought them thru Cottage Farms and for the first time in many years they were disappointing - just did not thrive and they were individually packed.

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I am so glad he is back too!  I missed him last year.  He is so informative and enthusiastic and fun. 








Janet in Georgia
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glad Philip is back