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My neighbor has the prettiest roses in the neighborhood; they're gorgeous but have no scent. I have ratty, scab-covered roses that look like hell and have wicked thorns, but they smell utterly heavenly. One in a while I'll put on leather gloves and cut a few to bring into the house and you can smell them all over the place.

She also has some purple roses that smell like heaven too. I've grown purple roses and no matter what they look like, they always smell wonderful. I think it must be a genetic thing that causes purple roses to smell so good.

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There are many roses that have wonderful fragrances.  It all depends on the breed.  I only have roses that are fragrant.   I look up each rose and read the described scent of each one.  My most beautiful and fragrant rose is my is a lavender color,  blooms never drop until I deadhead.  It's a very large well packed bloom.   I have several roses bushes, each with beautiful distinct fragrance.   One, I'll mention,  is Sunsprite,  a large yellow rose, amazingly fragrant.   I do prefer,  lavender and pinks ,but I have, white, red, and coral too. 

Some roses are bred without the fragrance.  I haven't seen any store bought bouquets of roses that have any scent whatsoever.   What a shame.  Imo...roses have the most amazing fragrance of all.    My other very fragrant flower is Gardenias...I have several bushes.