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Re: Look what happened overnight...

I'm pretty lucky here so far this spring. The long range forecast has fifty plus degree nights for two weeks, so my flats of seedlings are moving from under my lights to my front porch for some natural light. We're still about a month away from the last frost date, but I can move the flats back in if the temps dip. In the meantime, the plants can get some natural light.

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Re: Look what happened overnight...

@snicks , flurries this morning.  When I went for my early morning swim, it was below freezing and snowing.  Grrrr...LM

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Re: Look what happened overnight...


Still snow!?!   May be your gardening season will extend further in the fall.


We had one day of nuisance snow last week, but quickly bounced back.  Our trees are just starting to bud, which seems late but probably by the end of April will be in full leaf.


I've been outside every half decent day doing clean up, trimming and weeding before the landscaper comes to do all the mulching.