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Just a little giggle for pond lovers!

Yesterday I was looking at my pond I noticed my usual frog hanging out talked to him  and walked away. Came back about an hour later and he had a lady friend 4 x his size! He proceeded to sit on her and  squeeze her eggs out...I had never saw this before. later in the day I walked out. And he was sitting atop this foot tall ceramic frog! I almost rolled on the ground laughing!  I told him if I come back and see you up there ,  I'm gonna tell your girlfriend , he was one brave little frog , has a thing for big frog girls!Maryanne

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Re: Just a little giggle for pond lovers!

hearty-laugh.gifThat's too funny. I guess the male ego truely knows no bounds, not even between species. 


Thanks so much for the belly laugh!

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Re: Just a little giggle for pond lovers!

google the picture of the moose attempting to 'tango' with a statue of another moose on the internet. That is funny too!

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