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No HOA around here in the suburbs but most homes and yards are kept neat and tidy and woodsy. 

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I echo the warning about snakes.  They like high grass....

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@KittyLoverBob wrote:

@KingstonsMom wrote:

Watch out for snakes, especially when you're walking through it.


As well as watch out for other creatures who will use the tall grass for 'cover', mice, possums, raccoons, squirrels, etc., to invade your home.


Great advice; thank you because I didn't think of that.

@KittyLoverBob Plus, the way your yard looks and how you keep your property affects the value of all your neighbors houses.  And doesn't lead to good relations in the neighborhood either. 

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@KittyLoverBob  Your lawn care bill is certainly very high, and I can see how you would want to seek an alternative. However, as @geezerette suggested, tall grass and other thick undergrowth is a breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes. You may be keeping your lawn from spreading to your neighbors' yards, but you can't stop the mosquitoes and ticks. Here's what the Terminix website has to say about it:

When bushes and other natural areas go unchecked and overgrow, they become a perfect shelter from wind for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can even find protection from grass that is too tall! 

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I sure wouldn't want to live next door to someone's knee-high grass!!!!!  Fortunately, we have an HOA in my neighborhood.

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Re: I'm going native

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I have read about people doing this, also  instead of grass ,planting white clover ,i lost my grass that is over the septic tank last year, grubs killed it ,i planted clover, i like it,i do not spray any chemicals on my law , so lots of weeds, in my yard.Ticks here in Maine is a big problem.

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@KittyLoverBob  Glad I don't live next to anyone who does that!!!  Skipping a week or so mowing is one thing but that is setting you (and probably your neighbors) up for every varmit appearing looking for rats and mice for food as well as a bug infestation and those ground bees will have a field day!!  In the end you might end up paying way more than your yard service to deal with all that!!

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I'm glad that I don't have to look at your yard....

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When you eventually do cut it what are you going to use?  That's really high for a regular mower.  Plus, you will have to rake all that cut grass or it will lay there and dry out.  Not sure if a mulching mower can handle that.

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I have a neighbor that's done this for the last couple of years and I'm about to go postal on her.  We live in the middle of a subdivision.  Her yard used to be the prettiest on the block when the previous owner lived there.  After she and her daughter moved in they completely let the property go.  The grass is knee high and turned to field grass.  When the grass seeds and the wind blows the rest of us get field grass growing in our lawns.  It has taken over my flower beds.  This month I've had to dig everything out of my flower beds, try to remove the grass and replant.  I'm exhausted and I still have 2 beds to go.  It's invading my lawn and all the neighbors have the same problem.  She leaves pine cones all over the driveway and sidewalk, doesn't bring in her garbage can for days, doesn't shovel snow off the walk.  I think she bought the house because she doesn't want to pay condo fees.  It's just not fair to the rest of us who try to have a nice yard and spend lots of money doing it.  I'm going to put a letter in her mailbox advising her that I'm going to look into city ordinances.  I'll be the neighborhood Karen.