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I Love Finding A Bargain Esp. @ Home Depot!!!

Got up early today and went to my local Home Depot for bags of pine bark nuggets. The mountain laurels needed to be mulched after I had bought them and the Depot had them in stock. I bought 4 bags and decided to look around to see what else was there.


I spotted a rose that is in the Extension's Demonstration Rose Garden called Dee-Lish which is a pink flowering hybrid tea that is disease resistant, very fragrant and won the German Rose Award-- ADR their highest honor to give to a rose -- this one given in 2007.


It was $19.98 and in a 3 gallon pot. I took it home after coming back for more mulch for more barer spots in the landscape.


I had it in the basket in the parking lot and I started deadheading the dead blossoms and the dead stems too-- not too many dead stems but figured if it was at eye level, its a lot easier to do than bending over to the ground. I took it home and planted it in the center back of my front landscape. It will eventually grow if I let it to 6' high and since its fragrant, people sitting on the front patio will enjoy it.


Check out your Home Depot for this rose-- if you see others, get their names and research it online and go back to get it if it has excellent disease resistance and fragrance.


Dee-Lish rose:

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Re: I Love Finding A Bargain Esp. @ Home Depot!!!

I think plants carried by Home Depot and Lowes vary widely from store to store.  Some near me have a wide selection of healthy perennials, others have mostly annuals and very few perennials.  I suppose it depends on what sells and I sometimes find a bargain but have been shopping this year mostly at local garden stores.

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Re: I Love Finding A Bargain Esp. @ Home Depot!!!

What a find, Jazzmom! I bet it looks beautiful where you placed it. Sadly, my Home Depot has had nothing in the way of roses this year. They only have some sad Peace roses, (I already have 2), and those horrible knockouts. I wish they would get something interesting in, like you found. Enjoy!