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Hedge trimmer recommendations ???

What is a dependable hedge trimmer to purchase?  Thanks.

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Re: Hedge trimmer recommendations ???

My DH would ask that you not buy/use electric instead buy manual hand pruners for your hedges. They give you much more control, no accidents if you will, to shear off too much and/or the wrong branches. Hand pruners/lopers gives you better looking hedge, one that shows you took your time. With practice you'll get better and feel more at ease using hand tools rather than electric full swipes and end up with 'balls' or crazy shaping.


I know what you're saying but trust your instincts and DH's 45+ years of schooling, training, and experience in his landscaping knowledge & know-how. He can always just look at any given hedge and know exactly how it was pruned & shaped.

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Re: Hedge trimmer recommendations ???

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@Sunnyskies Although you do have more control with manual shears, I've found that I need an electric model to trim all the shubs on my property.  


I have a black and decker - certainly not top of the line but it works just fine for me.  I guess the question would be how thick are the branches that you will be trimming and how long does it need to be - far reaching or close?


If smaller shrubs, you should be fine with not getting the super duty expensive type.


I have the electric 17", 3.2 amp Black and Decker one from Lowes, just $35.00 and it has been good for me so far. 

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Re: Hedge trimmer recommendations ???

I use an electric hedge trimmer.  I am not sure of the brand, but it is about 30 years old.  I used to be able to manually cut hedges, but no longer can.


the problem I have with electric garden tools Is the fact that you must use an extension power cord with them.  Every year, I cut through the cord with the trimmer...usually more than once.  I am fortunate that my DH can repair the cord for me, but if I didn't have him, I would be buying a new cord quite often.


If I ever need to buy a new one, I will get a cordless model, something lightweight with longer blade.



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Re: Hedge trimmer recommendations ???

I bought Martha S's boxwood trimmers - and I love it.  So sharp and quick - Japanese steel.  I don't know exactly what your bushes are like so just throwing this suggestion - recommendation out.  Not for heavy stem work; but snip snip snip those tender green leaves.  (to cut back and shape)

Best thing I ever bought.  $70 range

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Re: Hedge trimmer recommendations ???

I like the Sun Joe/Snow Joe products. I prefer the battery ones. They do the job, have a decent charge time and are not too heavy. I have the the hedge trimmer duo, blower and snow blower shovel. Good warranty as well.

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Re: Hedge trimmer recommendations ???

I have lots of hedges.  I just use a Black and Decker.  I get the more powerful one and they last a long time.  I have been known to cut the cord, so I learned to buy shorter cords and hook them together.  Then I only need to replace a short piece.  This B&D will cut up to half an inch.  Anything bigger I use the pruner.

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Re: Hedge trimmer recommendations ???

I like my Black and Decker Lithium battery hedge trimmer.  The battery fits into many different yard tools like grass clippers, blowers, and trimmers.  I actually have 2 batteries so that one can be charging while I'm using the other in the tool.  I am not strong enough to use a gas trimmer, and I would just cut the cord on an electric one.  I do agree with experienced poster who suggested hand trimming does the best job.  I dislike shrubs that are sheared into squares, beach balls, and triangles.  Mom Nature does not plant those shapes!  I do as much hand trimming and pruning as I'm able, but I need a bit of powered help in dealing with my 35 huge azaleas.

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Re: Hedge trimmer recommendations ???

I have the rechargable Sun Joe product that I can switch between the hedge trimmer, chainsaw, and blower. The blower isn't that great, but I couldn't live without the other two attachments! Also, I had issue with the chainsaw and customer support with SunJoe was amazing!

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Re: Hedge trimmer recommendations ???

@Sunnyskies wrote:

What is a dependable hedge trimmer to purchase?  Thanks.


Mine is a Black and Decker.

Trims hedges like a knive cutting through butter.


Very reliable. $30 onine.

Good luck.