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What do you think of these? 


Image result for grave planters


Image result for grave planters

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Grave Gardens are for the living. It’s their way of coping therefore I’m ok with it.

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I just saw this on The Sunday Morning Show. I was surprised I had never heard of it. I love cemeteries especially old ones and visit when I see one.


I'm going to see if there are any in my area to visit.

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Well, if they're cared for and maintained I think it's nice. If they turn into a bunch of weeds and such then it's not. The top two look okay, but the bottom one not so much. A nice bed of rocks and stones would be better. Oh, and flowers vegetable gardening. LOL!     

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I remember picnicking in the graveyard with Gram when I was small.

It was no big deal to sit and eat my cream cheese and jelly sandwich while Gram cleaned off and tended the graves of our departed family members.

I think these pictures show that lives go on for the living but it also important to remember those no longer with us.

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Re: Grave Gardens

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Kinda reminds me of the principle behind Soylent Green ... life deriving it's nourishment from dead matter.



edit:  also, in my area these would look overgrown and very untidy in one season. 

I'm paying for perpetual care of the grounds for 6 plots, in a large, old  cemetery that is beautifully maintained. Thank goodness they enforce their rules strictly.


I can just imagine what some families might plant, or the 'beer bottle boarders' they'd assemble around their plots if "anything goes!"


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I have seen graves like these in old cemetarys, but the beds were empty and bare and I thought it odd.  After seeing the program, it all makes sense.  Sadly there is no more family members to maintain those old graves.  I looked up the Woodlands Cemetary website and there are lots of beautiful pictures of the work they do there.  

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I would sure hate if someone planted some “icky” vegetable (like beets or broccoli) on me!   Pretty pink flowers would be nice though.  


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My family has these "grave gardens" on each grave---no flowers, though---just thick ivy that are cared for by the cemetery (we pay yearly for that). The graves also have foot and head stones. Always kept very neat and looks nice--best in the warmer months when the ivy looks healthier. I had no idea how much it was for those graves until my Mom died in 2014--just the stones and ivy alone cost $7,000 (besides the funeral at $8,000)---a fortune--but my Mom deserved it. I know it's not a modern practice to bury the dead this way, but that side of my family insisted everyone buried in our family plot be buried the same way--and I wanted my Mom's resting place to match my father's.

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I like that but if I had one mine would probably be full of weeds.

We have already bought our plots but now I'm leaning towards Cremation after going thru all the funeral BS.