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Garden shots May 23/18. Greening Up!

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Things are greening up.  No leaves on trees yet but they are leafed out in the City so it won’t be long.  It is just after a rain and we have grey  skies today.







 Lilies and lilies of the valley


 Solomon’s seal just opening.



Lots of new growth on the evergreens.  Nesting spruce.



Evergreen bank



Behind the stone deck overlooking the lake.


Beside the evergreen bank looking toward the lake.



Middle bank.  Waiting for the clematis.


Red maple





Rock bank easiest to weed😁.



The garden repair since the loss of the two large spruce trees at Christmas.



This is the red maple almost taken out by the two spruce at Christmas.  Looking good!



Entry to stone deck.


Border of stone deck overlooking the lake.  Pheasant among the Solomon’s seal.


Behind stone deck.  It will be awhile before the hydrangeas fill out.


Another view of the middle bank below the house.



Another view of the looong middle bank.



Middle bank.



Remember the rock wall?  It is filling in.



Rock wall.




Rock wall.




Front bed.



Front yard.


Front yard.  Bridal spires.


Bed beside the detached garage.  Pierus Japonica.



Tulips on their way out.



Front bed.



Front bed.  I planted 25 Canada 150 tulips last year.  Only two came up this year.  Most people hassle the same result.  Disappointing show.



Front yard.  Sculpture of Irises.  The artist that did these uses old furnace tanks as his source of metal.  He never coloured them until I asked him to color mine.  Now all of his metal flowers and sculptures are in color.  Pretty cool huh?



Front yard.  Azaleas waiting to put on their show.  Northern Lights.



Front yard.  Allium to come.



Front yard.


Evergreen bank at side of the house.


Evergreen bank.


Swing back yard beside evergreen bank.


Off the back stone deck.


Off the back stone deck.


Rock did this get here?



That’s it folks.  Thanks for stopping by.  LM

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Re: Garden shots May 23/18. Greening Up!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful yard. Wow, you worked go enjoy the rest of the summer. Beautiful.

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Re: Garden shots May 23/18. Greening Up!

You're killing me Girl!!!! @Lilysmom And to think since this is your spring it all just gets better from here!  So many things I can point out, everything is doing nicely for sure.


Love Solomon's Seal - our's just finished blooming and will be great thru the rest of the season. Your 2 giant metal flower bouquets if you will - the trio with 3 colored flowers and the purple Iris are gorgeous! We have a couple of metal sculpts as well. DH really digs these things.


And yes the tree rescued area is growing great, and you were so worried. The rock area is going great guns too, very colorful.


Enjoy yet another glorious season, we so enjoy all  you share with us. I hope you share our thoughts with your DH, he deserves our praises too!

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Re: Garden shots May 23/18. Greening Up!

@Lilysmom. Thanks for the photos. It's hard to believe your trees are still so bare.  You have a very long winter.  Our temps are now pushing 90° and everything has pretty much bloomed.  Now weeds will be trying to take over.  We did finally have a good hard, if brief, rain Monday afternoon.

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Re: Garden shots May 23/18. Greening Up!

@PINKdogWOOD, it has been a cool wet Spring here.  The garden is starting to come alive now though.  DH has gone trout fishing for a few days so he will enjoy that.  You are right about his efforts.  Neither one of us could do it alone so we make a great team.


I planted two climbing hydrangeas, one last year and one the year before.  I am happy to say both will bloom this year.  I want one of them to climb our rock of Gilbraltor at the lake.  So happy to see the blooms!  LM



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Re: Garden shots May 23/18. Greening Up!

@Kachina624, I know!  We made a trip to South Carolina and Georgia in early May and it gave me garden fever.


The good news is I started swimming last weekend.  Nobody but me ever gets in this early.  I just go for a short dip.  I am still swimming at the pool for exercise and counting the days til I can take the summer off and start swimming the lake.  Mid June should do it for me to be doing distance swimming here.


We need some heat to burn the black flies off I can tell you.  I have my mosquito net gear well in use and probably will til the first of July.


Happy Spring!  LM


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Re: Garden shots May 23/18. Greening Up!

Wow!  So pretty!  What part of the country is this?  

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Re: Garden shots May 23/18. Greening Up!

@DianeFM, I am in Nova Scotia, Canada.  LM

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Re: Garden shots May 23/18. Greening Up!

@Lilysmom Oh my...... I had to take a nap after viewing.... How big is your property ? Amazing yards!! So much work... Such a nice thing to share these Smiley Happy


Do you ride the lawn mower? That is just a massive property... It's really breath taking. Then your house, oh my a second time... How do you lift all those heavy stones and statues ? Beautiful plants. 


A give you the green thumb award (you and your dh) Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Garden shots May 23/18. Greening Up!

@cbrite, the property is almost two acres.  DH mows the lawn with a push mower.  I have offered to buy him a ride on but he prefers the push mower.  I have been slowly moving outlier shrubs into beds as I think he may want a sit down mower one of these days!  LM