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@Venezia , I wouldn't plant for Mr. Groundhog either.  I know your issue.  I am having it out with a beaver at the lake.  After taking Alberta Spruce (after hardwood trees) he started dining on my Nesting spruce which I will replace with s9mething too prickly to chew lol!  S

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Beautiful. I complain on what I thought was a lot to do but nothing like yours at all.  


Enjoy and it is lovely.

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and I miss seeing Lily too @Lilysmom1,

but I know you miss her most of all💞

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Beautiful garden.  You have a lot of property.  We only have about 1/2 acre I think.  Every year the leaf cleanup is massive even for that amount.  I do wish I had acreage though.

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Just lovely, LM!  @Lilysmom1 


We have a super nice crape called "Acoma", developed by the Nat'l Arboretum here (Egolf and probably Dirr can't remember for certain).  It is in the picture beyond the volunteer redbud.  A little bird knew what Dh's favorite tree is and planted it there for us.  Beyond that is a native persimmon.  The crape has pristine white flowers late summer and is a reliable re-bloomer.  Peeling bark.  All around nice crape myrtle. 


Screen Shot 2021-05-29 at 20.00.21.png


And here is great hummingbird food and astoninshing garden color:

Screen Shot 2021-05-29 at 20.10.09.png

Salvia guaranitica "black and blue".  In front of that is blue pacific juniper, native sedum and columbine.  My garden is decidedly "shaggy" and natural.


My boy sends his love:


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@Lilysmom1   Stunningly beautiful.  

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@Lilysmom1  Beautiful gardens!!  I've always enjoyed your photos.  So sorry about Lily.

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@Sweetbay magnolia , what a lovely shape.  It must be lovely in flower.  I would like to see that.


Blue is one of my favorited colours in the garden.  The salvia is so pretty.


Sending hugs for your handsome boy!  S

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@Lilysmom1, Just so lovely!  Planning, work, and lots of love when into all your gorgeous garden paradise.  Your elevated sunroom reminds me so much of what we have.  A view is even better when it is elevated.


I know how deep the pain is losing an animal companion you so love.  When our kitty, also a Lily passed, we were devastated.  Never again, we thought.  Too old.  But our kids offered to take a pet we adopted if we couldn’t care for the pet.  We adopted our kitty, already named “Winston.”  He looks so much like a Maine Coon, as Lily was.  We have had him for a year now.  A love bug and gives kisses.  He makes us laugh every day.  I am sending you hugs and a kiss from Winston.  All my best.

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Re: Garden Pics May 29/21

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Your gardens are stunning from all/any angle(s).


I love seeing pictures of Lily.  You will always be Lilysmom to me.Heart