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Image may contain: plant, flower and outdoor

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Very creative.

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The chairs look very uncomfortable to me.

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Wow! Just wow, that’s gorgeous.

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just no.  spindly chairs. tablecloth gives me vertigo. cages hanging over head. all that ivy always hides lots of spiders. .no shade either. couldn't sit in the hot sun. 

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With the exception of the uncomfortable looking chairs, I like it!!!  It is very colorful, cheerful and appealing , the bird cages are a creative touch and the flowers make the table setting prettier!  

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Everything is beautiful but those chairs look like torture. 

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Just no...


I don't like bird cages, it looks too busy for me, as others mentioned the chairs look quite uncomfortable, the bouquets on the table are not creative or inspiring either.

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First impression:  "Oh, it's pretty,"


but then it goes off the rails. 


Sometimes, I think these photo shoots are designed for visual appeal only, not for practicality.


The table is too narrow.  Flowers too tall for talking to the person across and taking up too much room on the table.  The chair seats look too low or table too high.  Look uncomfortable.  


The tablecloth is much too long.  Think of it draped on our knees when we're sitting there.  


The hanging birdcages overhead make me nervous.  


It's difficult to tell how close this is to the plant wall, but I wouldn't want to sit too close to creepy crawlers that might be hiding in there.


It's colorful, though.


This gets a D.











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Eeeck -- the whole thing makes me dizzy! Too much going on!  

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