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I ordered a fountain fro QVC seventeen years ago.  It still works.  Wish they had one like it.F5ECE593-7AFB-4640-9E76-12C0F66DE8EC.jpeg

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@cairn mom Nice! I love outdoor water features.

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@cairn mom   To your credit, you must have taken good care of it.  If it ever quits working, you can easily replace the pump.  They're very inexpensive. 

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 Really nice fountain  ? Lion head.  I just bought the Bernini Torri to place at a garden where I volunteer ,. The  small dancing water attachments were missing . Have you had any dealing with Bernini company ? I emailed them and QVC.

 Update: QVC said they would notify Bernini abt the missing parts , but there was No guarantee that I would bre sent the missing   dancing water attachments. They said it would take 10 days for a response . Well,  guess, I might have to send back as a return and exchange - then cross my fingers . Even though it was on a sale price, I expect all the parts. I was looking at  Lowe's , maybe I should have bought from another vendor .


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@cairn mom, beautiful fountain and how great that it's still going strong!


BTW, I'm a Cairn Mom, also. Or, I was. Just lost our last fur child this past Dec. Hubby and I still can't talk about him without crying. We got our first Cairn Terrier on my birthday back in 1984. After having lots of dogs for the past thirty seven years, we're taking a break to regroup and rethink. We're getting older and life is different. Anyway, didn't mean to run on here and go off subject but did want to say I love Cairns, too! Oh, and welcome to the forums!!