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@sfnative et al, so glad this is helpful.  You all should know that this comes in three colors I believe, brow, black and red.  If the store doesn’t have it in stock, look online.  It also sells on the Costco website here in Canada. 


@sfnative Or anyone who tries this, I would appreciate feedback if you purchase.  I am particularly interested in feedback about whether it heaves in the frost.  LM



Thank you SO much for mentioning additional colors AND the fact that I should go online.  I keep forgetting that Costco has an online presence.  As soon as I finish here, I'm going to visit their site.  Thanks, again!

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Above is an image very close to the concrete landscape curbing I had done around my garden beds.  They mix the concrete color, so ours is somewhat lighter, but the pattern is almost the same.


All in all, while it is costly, when we sat down and thought about it for the present and future; we found it reasonable.  The cost was about $5-6 a foot.  (we had almost 400 feet).  Things we considered was total cost of similar products/accessories from Home Depot or Lowes; our age (60s); time and labor to install; quality of installation/appearance if we did ourselves and longevity without heaving or becoming crooked.  If we had a smaller area we may have not went in this direction.  Some installers won't consider small jobs.  


I have viewed some beautiful edging designs/ideas that I drool over.  Some I would have tackled 20 years ago.



This is SO lovely - and I'd jump on it, if only our property was larger.  I can well imagine how pleased you must be with your outcome.  It must be awesome!  Congratulations!