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I have in the past tried hanging to dry, oven method, they just don't seem right ,flavor not strong is there a secret to doing this?

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Try checking out a yt video HomesteadTessie, she is great with Herbs, she says to try the paper bag method over them to keep bugs out. Also I think you use more dried than fresh, but I might have it backwards.

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The best method I have tried ----is drying them in the micro wave!!!! It takes less time and they actually look nice and green. And still hold the flavor too. I know---hard to believe but that's what I do--have done parsley, sage, basil, thyme, chives, sage and all of them look great and taste fine. Found this method online somewhere.

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The method that works for me is to rinse them off and place them on cookie cooling racks. Let them air dry. I'll flip them over if they are anything "leafy". Then I put them in jars. Done.