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@jannabelle1 & @Carmie, Pretty!


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I found out about these beauties about 4 years ago and totally love them.  I'm not able to save mine from year to year as I live in the midwest where the winter temperatures get way too cold.  I don't have anywhere inside to keep them either so I purchase new ones each year.  I usually buy about 4 large one (they run here about $23 each) and them I purchase some of the quart size and those are about $5 each.


I get mine from Home Depot.  This year they had a new combo that I had to have.  It has red, pink and white flowers all combined.  They're so pretty.  I think the white may be my favorite as the yellow inside the flower is just so cheerful.  The below picture is one of mine from last year!



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@Bunsnoop, I'm in the Midwest too, so I don't think I can keep them alive in my garage since it's not heated. And I don't have a basement. I also buy mine at Home Depot since they seem to always have a big supply of this beautiful plant. I bought one white Dipladenia this year and I love it along with the light pink that is new for me this year. Wish I would have seen the combination of colors - it's beautiful!