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Below is a copy of a recent post I made on the rose forum on Houzz:



I had four rose bushes that had buds ready to open in a day or two, and I checked them this afternoon and the buds are all eaten. The deer even ate new shoots on the newly planted Brecks roses. We used to feed them- but they have outworn their welcome here.

We have been spraying for a few years now. They even eat tomato plants. But the commercial deer deterrent spray is so expensive. My husband usually buys it, but we are at the end of a bottle, so I mixed up a solution that I used a few years ago:

3 eggs

couple of good spoonfuls of cayenne pepper

couple of good spoonfuls of garlic powder

1/2 cup of milk

Blend in blender for a few minutes and then put in milk jug and fill with water.

Let sit a few days to get stinky-you may have to strain this in a fine mesh strainer-Spray your plants with a pump sprayer.


Second recipe I mixed up and am trying today:

From the internet- a lady on Vancouver Island uses this and swears by it ( u tube)

1 egg yolk

1T baking powder

1 liter water

Mix well and put in pump sprayer and spray every 2 weeks. She said a lady who works at a local nursery gave it to her. The lady was from England and it was used at the famous Kew Gardens in England.

I hope this stops them in their tracks. I am not growing roses for the deer to eat!


Update on my post: both recipes work. It's the egg in the mixture that they do not want to eat.

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Re: Deer Deterrent?

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Try this!It's the Contech "ScareCrow"Motion Activated Sprinkler. Around $43 on Amazon and worth every penny! Deer show up to munch and get squirted with a water blast. You have to move it around every few days but it keeps all pests (4 AND 2 legs) at bay. This WORKS!