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Cottage farms shipping dates

Every year we are too cold when these plants arrive...I live near Philadelphia and last night was below freezing and all of the plants received are under cover on my back porch.  Please delay shipping your orders by one week at least.  I hope the plants survive.

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Re: Cottage farms shipping dates

Mine are not due for a bit because I live further North than you...I purchased from Roberta's this year maybe their dates are a little different (never compared the two companies).  However my husband just told me that for our area this is the coldest April on record.  We are still getting snow flurries and there was a frost this morning.  It will take a while for the ground to heat up after this.  Sigh.  Everyone is very grumpy about the cold here! I wonder about the migrating birds too.  Hope they have enough sense to stay put where there is a food supply and not come here!

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Re: Cottage farms shipping dates

I live in Northern Virginia and haven’t received mine yet. I think we were scheduled for an early April delivery. It’s supposed to be in the 80’s this weekend, so they’ll probably come soon. 

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Re: Cottage farms shipping dates

@Gabidog I live near Harrisburg, PA,  we had snow two days ago and flurries yesterday.  Our weather is supposed to be 80 degrees on Friday and  Saturday, then drop back in the 50’s after that.


Even though it has been cold, it is not too early to plant perennials and things like shrubs and trees.  Annuals and tender plants should not be planted until May.


Many of my neighbors already have their vegetable gardens planted with cool weather crops. The daffodils have been covered with snow a few times already, but they are still in bloom.


Even if the weather gets cold, it is too late in the season for the ground to freeze. I can t imagine Cottage Farms sending out annuals until the end of April or beginning of May.

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Re: Cottage farms shipping dates

I agree.  I received daisies today.  It is way too cold.  I have to nurse them for at least three weeks.  We should be able to pick our shipping date.  On Long Island people do not plant until Mother’s Day.  

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Re: Cottage farms shipping dates

I made this suggestion to mixed reviews. 



I suggest that  the live plants that are offered - are offered with a choice of delivery dates for the customer to choose from.  I placed 3 plant orders this year and they were/are not scheduled to arrive until May.  I know my microclimate and have wanted to get my items already and in the ground. I ordered Rannunculus from Roberta's which I then found locally.  I cancelled my Q order.  For those not experienced, keep the Roberta's/Cottage Farms suggested date.   If able and available please offer the choice to ship as soon as available.

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Re: Cottage farms shipping dates

My problem is just the opposite,  I live south of Tucson AZ it has been HOT here since late March.  The 2 orders I made on 1/30 both came much too late.  I finally received the hibiscus last week and they are bare root stock, which in Az should have been planted in March.  I called today CF today.  I was told it is QVC that controls the ship dates???  My early ship date was 3/4, which would hve been perfect. The woman that I spoke to was not the least bit nice. If it is true that QVC controls the orders, then why when I called CS late March asking about ship dates wasn't some action taken on my oder?

This will be the last time I order plants thru CF and QVC