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Does anyone know how I can find out if Cottage Farms will be offering the sedum plants that they usually offer as a Today's Special Value?  I've had really good luck with those and want to order more this year.  I just asked customer service via Live Chat and they said they did not know.  Thanks.

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Re: Cottage Farms sedum plants

@SKJCPA Contacting Phillip Watson via Facebook may prove to be the best way to find out.  You may also try reaching out to hosts Carolyn Gracie or Dan Hughes (both of whom seem to be highly involved with QVC gardening and landscaping products).  


That said, Roberta's also brings sedum to QVC, so they could very well have the sedum TSV for 2018.

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Re: Cottage Farms sedum plants

Cottage Farms sells their plants on Zulily too.  When they have items for sale, the sedums are always included.


i purchased a bunch of plants last fall.  I hope they all come up this spring.  


Cottage Farms had offerings on Zulily last week, but none this week.  Keep checking, they offer them a lot...and at great prices.  You only have to pay for shipping once $5.95. After that everything else has free shipping all day or all weekend if you buy during the weekends.