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Coleus Issues this year...

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I always have a variety of giant coleus in urns on my front patio.

This year was EXTREMELY hot and very dry and I watered every other day.

Everything looked great until a week or two ago, when my coleus started to "wilt" - almost look like they were melting. They were almost three feet tall at the time!


A guy who sells plants at our famres market said I probably overwatered, coleus likes to dry out a little.

Everything else in the pots looks great.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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Re: Coleus Issues this year...

In the heat you have to water twice a day or your plants will suffer.

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Re: Coleus Issues this year...

My neighbor has 2 in urns every year and her's are big and beautiful again this year.  They are located under big maple trees - get some filtered sun and I don't see her watering them a lot.  Once a day perhaps.  We've had 14 over 90 degree days - what's your temps?  No expert but I'd guess over watering may be your problem.   (that's only a guess)   Best I can offer to your question.

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Re: Coleus Issues this year...

Mine have been wet all summer with all the rain we keep having. I have only had to water them but a couple of times.

The only time mine wilt is when they get dry or when they get too much of that hot afternoon sun/heat.

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Re: Coleus Issues this year... Coleus were outside when I first planted and they did not do well because of all of the rain we were getting...I decided to move the pots to my porch and they started growing really fast.  There were days when I placed in the sun and they did not respond well to too much sunlight so I put them further back on the porch in a much more shaded area.  They are doing well and I have to ensure I water at least twice a week or they will start to wilt.  I also add Spray-n-Grow micronutrient once a month and this seems to help..the pic on the right was the one that received too much sunlight and wilted but when I watered it revived..



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Re: Coleus Issues this year...

First year having planted coleus. So lovely it’s definitely coming back next year. Mine wilt in direct sun.