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I bought 2 double knockout rose bushes from HSN last year and one is coming in great this year, lots of flower buds already,  however many of the leaves have white spots on them.  I dont see any kind of bug anywhere...


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Re: Can anyone identify this?



"Rose leafhoppers are insect pests that can cause white spots on roses. They feed on the roses, causing small white spots on upper leaf surfaces. Sometimes, the small white stippled areas take over and cause larger white spots on the leaves."


There are things you can do to treat this.  Google it and you'll come up with a few solutions to save your roses.

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Re: Can anyone identify this?

Could be an insect or could be fungal disease which can put holes eventually in rose leaves.


Blackspot is just what it is -- a solid black spot.


Anthractnose is a black/brown spot surrounded by an outer brown ring.


Rust is small spots in red or brown color


Powdery mildew is white in color. 


Rose slug damage is very distinct -- it makes distinct damage to the leaf. Severe damage causes holes in the leaves. Look for them on the leaf undersides. 


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