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Bernini 4 in 1 TSV Fountain Not Holding Water

Anyone having an issue with their Bernini 4 in 1 TSV Fountain maintaining water?  I have two of them.  One is placed on top of a bird bath with the spray attachment on top and the other is set up insider a large planter with the infinity bowl set up.  Neither one of them will hold water after I fill them up and it runs out even before the 4-hour timer is up.  I've checked the bottom container and there are no leaks.  It will hold water when the fountain is not on.  I have to refill the fountains each day to get them to run and before I know it, the water is gone and the fountain stops.  I've emailed and posted to Bernini with zero response yet.  I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing.95935191_2338704892899484_7086701158001016832_n.jpg

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Re: Bernini 4 in 1 TSV Fountain Not Holding Water

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Every year Bernini fountains go for sale on the Q and shortly after without fail a host of complaints about them show up on here. But good luck with yours, hopefully somebody here had the same thing happening but found an easy & quick fix that will solve it for you as well.

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Re: Bernini 4 in 1 TSV Fountain Not Holding Water

@BoyMom78  That's a bummer! I wondered if they worked good at all. I think what's even worse is the fact that the company will NOT respond? If I were you, I'd package them back up and ship em' back to the Q and get your $ back. I know it's somewhat of a hassle, but at least you'll have your $ back and you can buy 2 fountains that are better!


Best wishes! You have pretty landscaping btw!

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Re: Bernini 4 in 1 TSV Fountain Not Holding Water

If any plant leaves etc are allowing the water to pour if you will, down them. It would over time empty the contents. Or if the attachment is allowing overspray outside the basin. 
I bought two and doing well

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Re: Bernini 4 in 1 TSV Fountain Not Holding Water

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@BoyMom78   First, your fountain display is beautiful!  I have mine set up with the infinity bowl on top, just like that, and I'm still looking for the right faux florals/greenery for the bottom basket.  You did a fantastic job!


To answer your question, Yes and No.  I have mine on a 2-hr timer that does not start until the early evening (when I sit out on my patio).  When we had a stretch of very warm, sunny days I needed to refill the water every other day (not every day).  It's not leaking because I would notice any water leakage.  I have the spouts directed towards the corners, so the water does fall completely back inside. 



However, recently we've had dreary, cool days for the past 5 days or so, and I have not had to refill the water at all.



I'm trying to remember my high school chemistry class: evaporation happens faster when molecules have energy provided by heat and or movement. 



My fountain sits out in direct sunlight, and that bottom reservoir is not that large.  I figure the need to refill the water more frequently is due to the heat & sunshine on sunny days, evaporating the water quicker.  Conversely, the overcast, cool days slow down that energy in the water, slowing evaporation.


So for a small reservoir fountain, it's to be expected.  It's doing exactly what it's supposed to do.