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I ordered her hardy hibiscus last March 2020 and they were shipped too early in March and they don't bloom until June maybe. Needless to say they are not coming back this year as promised. The years guarantee is worthless since you need more than a year to see if they actually bloom again.

Mine are dead dead dead

I ordered some others for this year and they are already forming stalks and will bloom.

I called CS and they said to call Barbara and gave me an email address.

I finally heard back a week later and of course they refuse to do anything and referred me back to QVC.

So I am SOL

Her company got rather short with me after I sent another email to be reimbursed with something else and they replied back again The case is closed!!!

I knew I wouldn't get anything but was somewhat hopeful anyway.

I seriously doubt the new ones will come back next year so I am not ordering anymore plants online anywhere. 

I do feel like I was swindled.

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Re: Barbara King -- Experience

 I have found that local nurseries  are best for some plants  to guarantee the plant.

 I have found some affordable  and  hardy  hibiscus at Lowes  that are the variety that comes back up every year even here in the Northeast .

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Re: Barbara King -- Experience

I call within a month if things arent growing  One time it came back and I called back and told them  This year 3 things came half dead and I called for all  

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Re: Barbara King -- Experience


When you lose some one you L~O~V~E, that Memory of them, becomes a TREASURE.
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Re: Barbara King -- Experience

Yes, the one-year guarantee on perennials is generally worthless if you live in a cold climate because you often need one-year-plus to know if a plant survived the winter.


We've said it before - it's best to buy from a local nursery or garden store. It may not offer a guarantee but it will carry plants that are suited for your climate. 

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Re: Barbara King -- Experience

At least this year QVC FINALLY changed the shipping to the Northeast! For years they have shipped in April when the ground is still frozen up here.


I am just getting my plants now. It could be the shipping delays they have printed at the top of the order page but I'll take it. Have been begging for years for them to change according to weather, not a dumb color chart.

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Re: Barbara King -- Experience

I bought a hibiscus plant at Lowe's.  It is beautiful and has been blooming for a few weeks.  I want to see if they still have some more. I wish I would have bought two.


I have never had any luck with QVC plants...except for lily bulbs.  I also bought over 400 windflower bulbs from Zulily.  Not even one came up.


I buy locally now.


What shame to spend so much money and only receive disappointment.

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Re: Barbara King -- Experience

I have ordered plants two times NOT from QVC, but like you, very disappointed in the size and time when the plants arrived.


 Last year, I ordered hostas, they were very small when arrived and I took great care with them last year, this year they have not grown one bit.  


Another was a plant that I could not buy locally, I called several nurseries before ordering..they were small, came to early and they don't look good but will hope for growth this summer and maybe blooms next year, but again done with online ordering of plants no matter how bad I want a particular variety.