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Any sugg. regarding discrep. on plant info...really want it, but...

Hi green-thumb folk! I was just wondering if anyone might have suggestions regarding a small problem I am experiencing right now regarding the information given about a product I have pre-ordered? Item #M23712 (Cottage Farms 1-Piece 2-in-1 Black & White Wisteria Tree) the presentation (and the video) the rep. states the mature height as 10'-14', but the description states 30'...YIKES! (He also states that it could be potted which seems too small for something that large.) I purchased it based on the presentation information and then discovered the discrepancy later. I was looking for a tree just like this and couldn't believe when I saw the presentation by accident one night. I can't seem to find Phillip Watson or Cottage Farms on fb (thought about trying to ask through one of those pages if available...but I always seem to have prob. locating people on fb anyway{#emotions_dlg.blushing}) Does anyone have any suggestions about how to clear up the confusion? Thanks so much for your time{#emotions_dlg.biggrin}