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Re: Any new improved bird strike deterrents?

Sorry but that netting would make my neighbors thinking I had gone nuts. 


I do like the sunscreen idea. Any specific brand used @Sabatini ? Is it between the glass panels or applied on the interior like an acrylic plastic stickee?

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Re: Any new improved bird strike deterrents?

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Hi, @JustJazzmom .

They're installed on the exterior, & can be made to fit any window of any size. They also come in various light filtering strengths.

The company I used was recommended by my electric company, so I got a rebate on the purchase.


My windows are very high up, and quite large. Having the sun screens installed has lowered my energy bill, and no more bird strikes! 


This picture isn't my home, but an example of the screens.

From the inside, your view of the outside is perfectly normal!


*Edited to add a pic.

sun screen.jpg

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