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You can buy copper tape also that repels snails and slugs. They get a little zap when they encounter copper and things don't like getting zapped. It's very handy to put around flower pots if snails/slugs are an issue for you.

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@JustJazzmom wrote:

Probably need the wheat plant pennies as they contain more copper than the newer pennies. 

I just had DH get me a dozen rolls at the bank and they were a mix but sure did the job. NO snails at all this year.

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I had a big problem with slugs last year.  They like hosta. I never really saw them, just the damage in my hostas.  I tried the beer trick, but only got a few and I have a lot of hosta, so that's a very expensive solution.  I also have lots of tiny snails every time I dig anywhere in the yard.  


Between the slugs and a rabbit last year was a difficult year for me.

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@Icegoddess  I dug up my hostas for that very reason, potted them up, and gave them away.

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