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Re: what kind of accessories do you wear?

I have a slight build and I'm on the taller end of petite.  I tend to wear solids and accessorize with jewelry and scarves.  I do not wear fashion jewelry so have no bold pieces. I have pretty hands so almost always wear a ring on both ring fingers.  I like bangle bracelets.

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Re: what kind of accessories do you wear?

I wear a necklace, watch, and right hand ring along with my wedding set everyday. I have mostly chains and tonal beads in various lengths with small to medium sized geometric and animal themed pendants. I have both sterling and gold as well as fashion pieces. I have a few bolder necklaces, but nothing that would classify as a statement necklace. 


Sometimes I wear one bracelet on my right wrist. I also own several brooches - some vintage from my late mother and some animal brooches that I want to wear more often. 


No scarves or earrings for me. Scarves around my neck drive me crazy, and I never got my ears pierced. Clip ons hurt. 


I prefer classic streamlined shoes and handbags in solid colors without extraneous hardware or obvious logos. 

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Re: what kind of accessories do you wear?

Hoop earrings. I feel naked without them. Also, a belt on my jeans to keep them up. I don't have much of a butt to keep most pants from going down.Woman Tongue I carry a basic small leather crossbody bag. I wear a warm hat and mittens in the wintertime or a wide-brim hat in the summertime when I walk the dog or go out on a hike.