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There seems to be a nasty bug going around at the Q. Besides Shawn being sick, Antonella was hoarse and coughing the other day, and Lori Greiner is hoarse. It must be very contagious. : (

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@Krimpette  I didn't see any of the IM show but I know GK did the 'shawn's accessories' show.  GK is such a doll.

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I hope she feels better soon! I work at a place that provides generous PTO.....however it's a sales job and its production all day/everyday. We have a use it or lose it policy. I am a top producer there and every time I tried to take a day off they would ask me to change my time off request. I took 15 days off in September and I have had three separate remarks in meetings about my time off really hurt the bottom line.....I still lost 58 hours of PTO and yet not once did they say....I am glad you got some time off. Anyway, it's just d**n if you do d**n if you don't. As my mother always can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people at anytime! if SK never took a day off we would hear how she is a air time hawg, diva, wants all the attention.....blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda.....
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Watching last week, I couldn't understand why those in charge, didn't find replacement hosts for Shawn and Antonella.  Shawn was so hoarse you could hardly hear what she was saying on Monday & Tuesday.  Poor  Antonella coughed through her 2 hour fashion show - she even appologized to Susan Graver for constant cough.  They both should have been home in bed! 





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I can't believe that liam & Staci Ann brought their less than a week old baby to qvc yesterday w/ viruses spreading like wildfire there😕
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Awww...I missed seeing them and the baby.  Anyone have an item number with that video so those of us who missed it can see?  TIA.