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Re: the Queen in turquoise today

@AuntG wrote:

She sets a great example when carrying out all her duties. Doesn't seem like a complainer. One tough cookie.

Yes, the Queen does set a great example of class, dedication, compassion and love for her family(even though some seem to be letting her down) and country. 

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Re: the Queen in turquoise today

The Queen is stepping out to church if it is Sunday.  She keeps her self busy I can say that.  If she is not giving a speech, or attending some charity, or greeting diplomats, she is going to church.  Not bad for a woman in her 90's.  My Aunt will be 96 and is sharp as a button.  Her voice sounds the same like when she was young.  I only hope I take after her. 


God Bless the Queen.

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Re: the Queen in turquoise today

@Sooner wrote:

I have the feeling the Queen loves dogs but is not so obsessed with them that she can't leave the palace without them, or without some relatives in tow.


The Queen is pretty able to function on her own still I believe, although she always has drivers, security people and aids along.  I think the Queen is still up and at 'em and running the show.  


Do you mean she doesn't take them to the grocery store and put them in the shopping cart where everyone else puts their food?! UGG!