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I know fashion is cyclical but these are not worthy of a revisit


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Oh, I totally agree.  I wasn't a fan of them before.

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No....Un-unh! I didn't like them the first go round. 

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i bet the "designers" at Q are churning them out for





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Sorry i didn't see this thread.  Can't delete mine.

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@jackthebear I was made to wear these as a child, but no more!

Hated them then and hate them now.

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♥Surface of the Sun♥
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I think I got a pair for Christmas one year-back in the early/mid 60's. What goes around, comes around seems like in the world of fashion. 

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Wore them the last time around with tunic tops. Never was a big fan of them though.

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Never wore them the first time around. Sorry to see their appearance again.