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Re: smartphone scarf

I haven't seen the item on the air so I am glad that someone posted the picture.  Sounds like a lot of money for it but probably a good idea.  I saw a little beaded handbag about 4 x 5 inches in Marshalls one day and it was so cute that I bought it and it was only $9 so it was a good buy.  At the time, I did not know when I would use it but it has worked out so well as I wear it to put my phone in and keys when I go walking. It has a long chain and I wear it around my neck and arm. The phone fits in perfectly too. I just love it and so glad that I bought it and it was inexpensive in comparison.


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Re: smartphone scarf

@LipstickDiva wrote:

Okay I'm going to be honest.  When I first saw this my thought was "this is so stupid.  Who would buy this?  This kind of garbage is what gives shopping channels a bad name." 


But then I was thinking that when I used to walk my dog, in the summer I clipped my cellphone to the waistband of my pants.  But in the winter, I could still do that but if I'd needed to use it, it would have been hard digging under my huge coat and sweatshirt to get it so something like this would be ideal.


However, I think the price is ridiculous. 

I was thinking the same thing. I don't even like or wear scarves, but I'm thinking it might work when walking the dog around the neighborhood? Interesting idea.