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My husband, before he retired, had 6 weeks of earned vacation.  It would have been very annoying if someone was always commenting when he took a few days off.  It was totally between him and his employer - no one else's business.  


I am am also pretty sure that if one of the hosts we all liked more took a lot of time off, this discussion would not be happening.

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Re: she's off again?

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Shawn said earlier in the week she is off the rest of the week.   


OP weren't you complaining about Shawn taking off last week when she was sick?     

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@June222 wrote:

@NycVixen wrote:

 Whomever this post is about, just a bit of advice OP. I find that life is much happier and fulfilling when we don't compare ourselves in any shape of form to anyone else.  Envy is not productive and IMO destructive.


Hosts on QVC have these jobs for many reasons and even though I'm highly educated, I don't think I have what it takes to do it. So unless you do, and you would like to work here, I don't know what purpose keeping track of who's off and how many times is helpful. I'm sure you have a lot to be grateful for. If we focus on what we have and not what we think we don't, we'll be able to refocus our energy in a positive manner. 


At any rate, QVC thinks they deserve it and it's their call. 

@NycVixen   We are all highly educated here...not just you. We just do not boast about it  Smiley Happy.

@June222  Actually, my reference to being educated is not boastful in the least. If you take it that way, then that is your choice. Maybe you have some personal qualms if you feel that by saying I'm educated but I still think I can't be a host on QVC is boastful and implies I'm saying others are not. It's far from it. I'm very careful with how I word all my posts so trust me I thought about it before I hit submit. I really can't stand when posters want to make personal digs at others and use the passive agressive tactic of a smiley face etc. 


You are the one who is clearly judgmental when you say you wish the host in question takes an extended vacation. Please, no need to start drama. In any case, I'm not the one.

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This is great for me.  I now can watch very few of the evening programs as I follow so many's advice and "change the channel."  I can watch in the evenings for a short while - which I used to and do enjoy (with other hosts).

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@June222 wrote:

I love it when SHE is on vacation.....I wish SHE would take an extended vacation one way.

What an ugly statement.

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First you have to be good enough to job?