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Re: same item every day an hour

@queendiva wrote:

Yes, the prices are high, but with the increased tariffs on Chinese goods, up another 25%, prices will truly be out of sight, both here and at all retail.

Probably best to buy now. Prices by fall will be crazy high.

Too bad my fixed income is not going up 25% to keep pace. Between prices and shipping both ways, I'm out. Not much left for QVC or other discretionary spending.

actually many producers have already shifted purchases to other markets outside of China to escape tariffs. you were already paying a 10% tariff and didn't know it. 


i personally have tried to avoid Chinese manufacture etc due to their horrendous labor practices.

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Re: same item every day an hour

I don’t watch QVC like I used to .... too many of the same old items over & over ... I actually switched to TLC & HGTV ..... SORRY QVC!!!