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I thought with Susan Graver celebrating her 25th anniversary, there would be more (as in four or five) easy pay offers on her items and better prices in general.

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I agree.  Even some of her clearance items are priced high.  😕😞

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The 25th anniv shows and offerings have been a bust. The TSV is terrible, no great new items and surely no sale pricing!!  As I recall, there was more of a WOW factor when she had 20 yr anniv.  Her line is becoming very stale and renaming every knit item too confusing. Ponte, Premier, Passport, Liquid, Butter...yikes!! Knit is knit to me!

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I was not liking the blazer either...faux leather looks cheap and the jacket boxy.

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I think the prices are high as well for what you get.  Her clothing is starting to all look alike to me, same as last year.

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Ugg...bad blazer.  Who wears a blazer in winter under another jacket or coat?  I hate wearing something like that. Nothing new.  Everything is out.  The better ones are gone in XXS and XS as usual.  The ones she couldn't sell are still there.  She'll probably have something better around Thanksgiving. 

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I haven't bought SG in years, but I agree it would have been nice to have more deals and special prices. I think her items are getting very expensive - most of her tops are over $50 now, and there are similar things out in stores for less money. I think the blazer today for the TSV could have been a better price too. 

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SG has a wedding to help pay for.  I'm sure as the grooms parents, their expenses for their son's wedding was very large, but we all know that Susan will give her daughter the biggest and best and the bride's family are out the most expenses.  Nothing wrong, but she shouldn't take "advantage" of those who have helped her get to where she is today.


If not for her "ladies" as she calls us, there would be no 25th anniversary!  As a thank you she and the Q should have offered more savings and easy pays.

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Susan Graver pricing is edging higher and higher, for clothes that are not distinct or stylish enough to warrant it.  I wonder if the LOGO and H by Halston lines (and include GILI in there), are shining a little too brightly on QVC homepage and FB page for Susan's taste.  Or, if QVC is setting all the prices, they must think customers have gotten used to all these high prices. Not!  I'm not critiquing those other fashion lines, but I never thought of Susan's designs as chic or distinctly stylish to warrant any price increases. I loved her lustra knit pants and have several pair, but I consider them a staple just like like some D&C items.  I will pay more for sharp styling and quality, but her line for me is quite generic, and just not "Amazing!!!!"