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Re: "This top, literally, melts into the skin."

@birdmama wrote:

@Andreatoo   Can't say I ever had a button put a hole in my shirt.  I am darn near laughing my a** off with that one.


The baffling part is that she seemed to think it was a perfectly valid selling point because she brought it up again!!


It goes up on the ridiculous list with Jane's assertion that making crabcakes is 'labor intensive and time consuming'

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Re: "This top, literally, melts into the skin."

@Andreatoo wrote:

While I get the point she was trying to make it was an unfortunate choice of words. But certainly not the worst thing I've heard! I was watching HSN last week and a presenter, selling a pull on elastic waist pant, said you don't have to worry about your button putting a hole in your shirt?! Don't you just hate when that happens?!



They do sometimes put those tiny little holes in the front of a tee, where I lean into the counter (over a period of time) while doing dishes, etc. Just me? Hmmm ...