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It looks like they will rip even more when you sit down.  Yikes !

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@Witchy Woman

I have one piece from them. A faux leather black peplum top and it's adorable! And I got it for some stupid cheap price too. I'm not sure that I would shop there in person though. I think it might look a little silly since I'm 56 LOL

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Well, you're 10 years younger than me and I'll bet you wear that top well!  I'm sure if I ever walked into one of their stores, they would escort me out!Woman LOL


Looking at there clothing I realize I wouldn't wear most of the stuff even if I was younger.  However, there are always one or two gems to be found.


As I said, it's just fun to look at what passes for "hip" now -- especially since I'm WAY past that stage!Woman LOL

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I saw these at Nordstrom and thought of you-

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I don't like the look for myself.  I'm 56...which says it all.  I think that ripped/torn/deconstructed denim look is fine for anyone who chooses to wear.  I don't really don't understand the appeal of hugh gashes and big wholes and missing parts but I "get" the ripped knee poked hole look.  It's just not for me and I think even if I was 26, I wouldn't like that trend.