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Some of the very first items I bought were bee pins - a matching set of black and white pins. They exemplify Joan's timeless fashion style. I thank her for teaching me. I will miss her jokes and fun when on QVC.
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I agree. Her bee pins are timeless classics. I also really appreciate her Victorian pieces...the flowers, eggs and critters especially. Same for the Noah's arc pieces. I would go weak in the knees over these pieces! They are all true works of art! I am surprised at how deeply saddened I am about her passing...I didn't really know her, except through her spots on the Q. And yet I feel as if a friend has passed away. I really admire how courageous she was. She got up each time life gave her a blow and never got bitter. She seemed so humble, gracious and kind.
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I just got one of her bee pins in the mail today, the Sunflower Bee. I have some of her things and have wanted to get one of the bees, so I figured I better grab one.

Her passing makes me so sad{#emotions_dlg.crying}

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All the bees I ordered at on earliest.