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does hsn ever do waitlists? i always see sold next to items but never waitlistSmiley Happy

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Yes they do, same as QVC. It isn't very often and if you are on waitlist you are waiting for another customer to either change their mind (within hours), customer is paying with a check (this can take a couple weeks) or waiting for the item to be returned, in this case, it can take the 45 days and you'll receive a returned item. 


It has been a hit and miss for me. Half the time I receive the item and the other half the order is cancelled. I am unaware of any way to search "waitlist" items.

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I know they have in the past but you are right that I haven't seen it recently.  I have had more luck with my QVC waitlist items than with HSN waitlist items.

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Yes they still do waitlist.  i saw an item I planned to buy on waitlist recently.

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