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Yes, I still wear mine. This is not the mini eggs. Larger and it is a goldtone egg with a snake coiled around it. Sometimes I look for the stars one on ebay. Anyone still wearing theirs?

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I have several egg necklaces from Joan's collection. There was a time I was one rabid Joan Rivers shopper! {} I do treasure them all. But to be honest, I have not worn any of them in several years. There came a point in time where I shifted from wearing yellow gold to silver/white red hair changed to a blond, white color. I seldom where yellow anymore and all my eggs have yellow tone chains, etc.

If you are referring to the blue egg with gold stars on it, I have that one. It's very nice. I think one of my favorites is the patriotic egg. Joan had so many pieces that were/ARE special. I miss her and the QVC fun we used to have.

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Oh I love my Joan's eggs! I am a blonde, and the gold looks good on me. Silver makes me go so pale...they are so pretty. My favorite is the watch egg with the bow on it. Very nice.

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I have the silvertone one with the matching earrings that I purchased a million years ago and they look as lovely today as the day I received them. Quality!